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Rebuilding Nepal – Post Earthquake Foreign Policy and Economic Diplomacy in the Changed Context

Economic diplomacy plays a crucial role in mobilizing crucially important foreign direct investment for post-earthquake rebuilding of the country more so for a poor country like Nepal that has suffered due to conflicts and disasters.

Report on Nepal's Foreign Affairs-2019-20

This Annual Report includes major engagements and activities carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the period starting from 16 July 2019 to 15 July 2020, featuring major outcomes of those engagements and activities with a focus on their implications for and contributions to Nep...

Promoting Nepalese Trade and Investment Relations with India and China

Nepal, as is in between two giant economic neighbors, has great potential for trade and investment. Nepal can mobilize its immense resources such as water and other natural resources including our youth population bonanza.

200 Years of Nepal-Britain Relations

Nepal established diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom in 1816. Ever since, friendship, mutual understanding and respect for each other's national interests and aspirations have characterized relations between the two countries. In

Advanced economic integration under BIMSTEC: Prospects and challenges for Nepal

Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) consists of Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal.

Bringing SAARC Closer to the People: A Nepalese Perspective

South Asia is mired in poverty, natural calamities and slow pace of development. However, it possesses enormous resources to be tapped and utilized for development for ensuring fast prosperity.

Industrialization of Nepalese Agriculture: From Policy to Practice

that government must support with appropriate policy, technology, marketing of products of farmers by facilitating their national, regional and international linkage and infrastructure such as roads, transport, electricity, storage etc.

Foreign Policy of Nepal: Enhancing Effective Participati on of Nepal in Regional and International S...

Eminent experts believe the current international situation is, indeed, the Post Hegemonic Age. Alongside the premier superpower, the United States, others are also emerging as economic powers in these early years of the 21st century.

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Defending National Interest in the Emerging Internal, Regional and International Challenges

Partisan politics prevailing over vital issues such as national political system; politicization of national institutions include judiciary, education, bureaucracy, and criminalization of politics; internal cultural conflicts including inter-religious; inter-ethnic/racial and inter-regional are othe...

From a buffer towards a bridge...

Maintaining Nepal’s independence and protecting its geographical sovereignty has been a major goal of its foreign policy, leave alone the idea of having influence outside. The asymmetric dependence remained for centuries particularly after the unification of Nepal.

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High Growth Trajectory in China and India: Opportunities and Challenges to Harness Development Poten...

Nepal has a tremendous hydropower potential, the country has diverse ecological belts suitable for different agricultural bio-medic activities, an attractive tourism sector, laws regarding investment are favorable, and Nepal’s geographical location itself, that has the prospects of becoming a transi...

Institutionalization of Nepal’s Foreign Policy

Nepal has been making a prolonged journey of the political transition from the old order to the new one. Undoubtedly, foreign policy is one deserving element that can build up Nepal’s fairer stance and better image both in the regional and global arena.

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Principles and Strategies of Nepal’s Foreign Policy and Protocol

Conflicting views from high-level representatives at important interactions and meetings, a frequent affair in current times, can not only confuse the participants attending the meetings but also Nepal’s representatives themselves.

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Role of NRN in Effective Mobilization of Economic Diplomacy in Nepal

It is regarded to be crucial to those countries which are in the early stage of economic development with resource, technology and market constraints among others and at the same time are yet to tap their huge domestic potentials for rapid economic advancement and prosperity.

Silk Route: Enhancing Nepal-China Connectivity

The route had linked the regions where modern nations like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Arabian nations, Nepal, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, Myanmar, among others are located. The silk route may signify a historic trading route but in reality it wa...

Speeches of Heads of the Nepalese Delegation to the Non-Aligned Movement (1961-2009)

Havana Declaration has clearly spelt out the political ideals of the NAM...

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United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 1990-2009

A dominant theme that reverberates in almost all these addresses is Nepal’s endeavor to pursue healthy democratic exercise...

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