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Orientation Program for Defence Attachés

The Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) in mutual consultation and collaboration with the Office of the Director General of Military Intelligence (DGMI) of Nepal Army prepared and conducted a three-day orientation program for newly appointed six Military Attaches who are scheduled to leave Nepal for various important capitals of the world.

True, the program was organized at the request of DGMI a few weeks earlier. It has been a regular practice since a few years back. Such a program has been organized to orient and brief new Military Attaches on Nepal’s foreign policy and diplomatic practice. This time, the program as usual, covered important aspects like Nepal’s foreign relations and global geopolitics, diplomatic dealings, protocol matters, consular affairs, diplomatic etiquettes, code of conduct and a few more topics related with diplomatic affairs. Naturally, concerns of national and strategic importance like conventional and comprehensive security concept and defence diplomacy preceded all other diplomatic concerns and consequently figured up in the discussion as part of the program. 

Although the program is organized for a short duration, it has been found useful to get Military Attaches familiarized with the latest knowledge on Nepal’s external relations and relevant diplomatic conduct for senior military officers who naturally play valuable role in enhancing Nepal’s defense and military relations with friendly countries around the world. 

The report includes a list of events in consecutive order as they happened during the program and also sketches of thematic contents as presented by various resource persons; all of them deserve gratitude of the Institute for sparing their valuable times.