Message from Executive Director of Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA)

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Message from Executive Director of Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA)

Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA)

Foreign Policy Institutions play an important role on advancing foreign policy objectives, foreign policy agendas and foreign policy priorities. Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) is mandated to bring about a convergence in Nepal’s foreign policy objectives and behavior through training, research and publication. As such, Institute of Foreign Affairs aims to promote knowledge based foreign policy. With same realization, IFA has indulged itself in producing and reproducing knowledge on Nepal’s foreign policy and diplomacy by organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, by publishing journals, books and reports on foreign affairs.

The Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA), a government think-tank, was established in 1993, and reconstituted as a semi-autonomous body in 2012. It conducts research on the matters of national interest particularly Nepal’s external relations and diplomatic dealings with foreign countries and provides policy inputs and recommendations to the Government of Nepal on foreign policy, International Relations and strategic affairs. The IFA also caters to the professional training needs of Nepali officials serving in Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As a policy think tank, the IFA delves into research studies on matters of national interest, particularly Nepal’s relations and conduct with foreign countries. The IFA collaborates with partner organizations, at home and abroad, to realize its objectives relating to foreign policy issues and interaction with political, economic, social and cultural aspects. Besides organizing seminars, workshops, meetings, dialogues and conferences, and bringing out relevant publications, it is also a repository of information on Nepal’s foreign policy issues.